Gamora Cosplay/costume DIY


Ok so a few months ago I cosplayed Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. More info here
I did a lot of research, their was some information from other cosplayers but I thought to share my proces for people who also want to do a gamora cosplay and maybe you like some material that I do, or maybe for inspiration for other cosplayers, halloween costume.
I also thought it would be good to talk about it on halloween because not everyone does cosplay but a lot of people dress up for halloween so here you go.

I think maybe it’s better to start from top to bottom.

1. Hair


Like you know I’m already a brunette and Gamora’s hair is kinda a mystery in some film shots it look brown , sometimes black ,purple but I went for brown because it’s easy for me.
I bought some real hair clip in extensions ( xp dream ) because I find that my hair was too short for the cosplay especially If I needed to curl it.
I bought mine in Pro duo , I wanted to have real hair because I wanted to do the pink/red ombre. So I bought some bleach (Go! bleach powder +  Montespa oxycream) . The ombre also seems like a mystery sometimes it look pink, sometimes red. I searched for reviews from crazy color colours and the color Cyclamen seemed like a perfect color. Kinda a red/pink/burgundy/purple changed in light really beautiful. And in the end I put some curls in them with a curling iron.

2.Make up


For the scars I drew it with white eyeliner (2B) on the skin and put layers Collodion (Kryolan) above it so it created a effect of a scar. For Gamora’s skin color I used Supracolor 511 cream make-up. I hid my eyebrows with a simple glue stick (Pritt).I powdered with MUD zero powder and I shadowed with MUD Graphite eyeshadow.
Gamora does wear some make up on the eyes. I searched some information about the eye look in the movie and they talked about using green, gold and a little bit of pink. I used some light green eyeshadow, MUD Sunset eyeshadow, MUD Graphite eyeshadow ,MUD Bubblegum blush, Pupa black eyeliner, MUD onyx eyeshadow for eyeliner and mascara (essence). For the lips I used the green from the Kryolan shimmering vision pallet. I fixed the make up on my body with fixing spray (kryolan).  For nails Essie in Navigate her.



Gamora has a neck piece, gloves, belt and sword.
Necklace: pvc plate cut out. Glued on paper with mirror effect and put in magnets so the piece could open and close.

I bought the gloves some years ago but can’t remember from where. I think from Bijou brigitte. The belt was a little fake leather pouch from my dad from the 80’s.

Sword: I start cutting out the shape in cardboard then I built it up with expanding foam and cut out the shape. Than I paper mache it with newspaper and handkerchiefs (softer) and I spray paint it in a kinda mirror effect silver and black.



Gamora wears a transparant piece. Mine was from Vila. The fake leather top with snake print is selfmade. The leather pants is also from Vila and the boots are Grinders that I bought in London.

So this is my Gamora costume/cosplay I hope it was all clear, if you have more questions feel free to ask.

Have a Mad day,

ManonMadness x


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