Januari Urban Outfitters haul

I know the month januari is 10 days ago but I actually really wanted to make a youtube video. Making a haul video with divorced parents and moving each week to a other room makes it pretty hard because your pretty dress is at your moms house and your cool shirt at your dads house. Luckily I took pictures after the purchase at the same home so it doesn’t look like a mismatch of different backgrounds etc….

So I’m gonna try to do this each month, I’m also gonna try to do video’s but if it doesn’t work I’m gonna post it in a blog. I’m so happy I finally can share it! xD

I don’t want to share pieces that are out of stores because I was to late and stuff so here we go :p

Just a explanation.

p.s.: Some month’s I buy more than other months I think Januari is a month where I buy a lot, I don’t think it is always going to be that big :p

I’ve been to Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite clothing stores.

IMG_4747       IMG_4749

The lace dress and The velvet spot dress . These two dresses where my choice for new years day. I ended up with the black polka dot dress. They are both gorgeous but the black one had a beautiful cut out back.

IMG_4753     IMG_4755

The shaggy cardigan and Velvet blue top.

The shaggy cardigan is my favorite cardigan ever,I wear it literally every day. I love it, It’s so cozy and warm and easy. My brother also called it my Jon Snow cardigan hahaha :p


IMG_4756      IMG_4758


IMG_4766     IMG_4771

The ombre hair chalk and Skull light. If you know me, you know that I have a big love for colored hair. I really want to do a blog post to show on how the colors come out. I still didn’t tried it because I first want to check how fast it washes out (I don’t want problems with it in my workplace) . But if I see that one wash washes everything out than I will try it more 😉

I hope you liked it, sorry that some things are sold out on the website I hope I have better luck with that next time 🙂

Have a mad day,

ManonMadness X


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