My favoriete Lush winter products


This moment I have actually products where I’m addicted to. Most off the time I like to change things up but these products I probably gonna buy more 🙂


I love Rose Jam. In 2014 I got a sample from it and the smell was addictive, I was really saving every bit off the problem so I could use it for a long time. It smells really good, I almost want to eat it. Although rose is in there it smells like jam. It also smells like moroccanoil, also a smell that I’m very addicted to. Moroccan Oil is really good for your hair and on the lush website they told it also is good for your hair so nowadays I use it as a shampoo and my hair smells wonderful for a long time and it makes me so happy :p


Helping hands really helped my hands actually. At my work I get a lot of wounds on my hands (sharp objects in clothing stores) Also the air is dry at my work from air conditioning and the winter weather doesn’t really help. But this product really works. It takes the dryness away and when I put some on my wounds in my break they kinda healed it. So I would definitely recommend this.


I also got a sample of Formulae known as. It has a really nice soft flower smell and also feels really soft. It’s a lotion for making the skin soft.

What are your favorite Lush winter products ?

Have a Mad day!

Manonmadness X


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