Long time no see (update)

Hey Humans,

Long time no see, I thought to explain myself before the new year starts. Some people asked me when I was going to write more stuff, really sweet of you guys . ^^

The last video I made was in september. After that I started with hair stylist school and I also try to get my business management certificate. So that is one of the reasons. Also a lot of private stuff happend. I’m not going to talk about everything only the stuff I want to share. So I got a operation they found two tumors in my breast and they had to take them out to see if they where bad ones. But I’m very lucky because they weren’t bad ones. But that was pretty scary . Only my body changed a little but I think it’s a good change. My respect for people who have to deal with bad tumors grown even more than I already had. I was already freaking out so I think you have to be a really strong person to handle something like that.


After that I continued on my Maleficent cosplay. If I have time I will try to make a blog post about how I made everything ( right now I have exams).

12074564_10206178562715468_7805238780410116820_n (1)

On halloween I had a special fx make up job in a amusement park Bellewaerde.


For the job I was dressed up as a vampire inspired on the countess from American Horror Story. And for a party with friends I was dressed up as a modern bride of frankenstein.



I also went to a zombiewalk in Ghent



In class they washed my hair with a purple shampoo (experiment that I wanted to do) so it was pastel pink for a while.


I did a intership in a hair salon De Wakko Kapper. I loved it the people there were so nice and I learned a lot. I even got some chocolate from them. And now I also worked for a few days there because it was really busy .


Also lately I’ve been going out more checking out performances. There is a organisation in Ghent that shows when and where they are playing metal music. So if you also like some metal and you are in Ghent be sure to check out GRIMM Gent.

I will try to blog more if I have the time. I always post on my instagram if you want to see more.

For more make up looks check out my facebook page.

I think that is everything that happend these months. I wish you guys a happy new year 🙂

Have a mad day,

ManonMadness x






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